H.Q. Avalon Studios

The Vision

As a teen growing up in the 80's and  90's,  I was always so fascinated with the idea of moving to L.A. and owning a huge loft with big windows just like in the movies. 

The day after graduating high school in Colorado, I packed up my things and set off to become a famous actor in L.A. 

I actually turned 18 in a motel in New Mexico as I made my way to L.A.  

After 10 years of a failed acting career, numerous odd jobs from telemarketing, pizza delivery,  pool cleaning, waiter, and bartender, I met a famous photographer through a mutual friend and he later offered me a job at the iconic Smashbox Studios in Culver City.

This eventually lead to actually becoming a photographer, and to supplement my knowledge, I began photo assisting.   This gave me the opportunity to learn and assist some of the most famous photographers in the world.

We would always end up driving to these amazing photo locations like mansions, castles, warehouses, and also Lofts which were very popular at the time.

I quickly realized that out of the 100's of locations we would shoot,  I never came across that true epic 80's loft. So I knew I had a chance to actual fulfill my dream of actually owning a huge creative space. 

After a 2 year search I came across a rug factory that was leasing the top floor of their 50,000 square ft building.  The top floor was 3300 square with floor to ceiling windows and the space was in very bad shape.  It was also 3 times my budget.

I continued my search for something more affordable and realistic,  comparing every property to the rug factory and nothing had the scale and charm as the property that was out of my budget. 

One year later I decided to call my original realtor and was shocked to discover that the property was still available.  So I came back and met the owner and sat in the middle of the warehouse as I watched the sunset.  This was a huge decision and every one I knew said this property won't work.  It's too big.  The risk is too much.

The next day I forged my actual income and put down all my savings and signed the lease with 7 dollars left in my bank account knowing I needed to book a job within 4 weeks because I wouldn't be able to afford my first rent payment.  

3 weeks later I booked a two day film that needed an abandoned New York Loft location and from then on I slowly began booking the location for some of the most incredible productions,  and my dream of creating an iconic true New York loft in Los Angeles was now happening.

12 years later I partnered with the owner and converted the 50,000 square ft rug factory into a 6 stage major film studio. 

I proudly present H.Q. Avalon Studios.

We can't wait to see what you create.